Back-up Your Office 2011 for Mac License Before Restoring OSX

A MacBook Pro came across my desk that needed to be set up for a new user.  That means a re-installation (or recovery, or restoration…whatever) of OSX.  I wouldn’t want to get a “new” laptop to find someone else’s junk all over it, so I assume no one else does either.  At any rate, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is installed and of course the product key is nowhere to be found.  Even with that in hand, calling Microsoft to try to talk them into giving me another activation for that key was not something I really wanted to have to deal with.

A bit of <clickety clackety> at the keyboard, and…

The EASY Way To Move Your Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac License Between Computers

In my case, the license wasn’t moving to a different computer; I just needed a way to keep my already-activated license on a MBP that needed a re-install of OSX.  The steps described at the site above worked great!


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