This is the collection of problems I’ve come across over the years (and the solutions I found for them) that I told myself I’d create years ago and never did.

I’m a Network Administrator for a public school in southern Ohio, and after 14 years there’s an awful lot of problems I’ve dealt with that I can share.

It’s amazing what a quick search will yield when you’re faced with a problem you’ve never seen before.  That search might get you the fix you’ve been looking for in the first couple results, or it might send you down a rabbit-hole full of rumor, here-say, and outright ridiculous nonsense that, at best, wastes your time, and at worst, makes the problem even worse.

Most of my posts will be nothing more than signposts in what I think is the right direction for someone dealing with a problem I’ve dealt with before; something that will let them know that they’re not the only one to experience what they’re going through, and that there’s an answer out there somewhere.


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