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Find Lenovo Machine Type, Serial Number, and Other Info Remotely From the Command Line

I’ve got some computers that I want to do some warranty lookups on, and Lenovo’s warranty lookup site requires the seven character Machine Type code along with the serial number when lookup up info for their “Think” branded products.  The serial numbers I had.  The machine type, notsomuch.

Not liking the idea of having to go visit each of these machines across 7 buildings, I started looking for WMI commands that would hopefully get me what I needed.  I came across this page on Lenovo’s website, and that ended up being the last piece of the puzzle.  The example WMI commands they give are run locally on the computer, but can be ran remotely with an additional argument.  Here’s one of those examples, but with the additional argument for remote use:

wmic /node:"hostname" csproduct list full

The result gives you the serial number, machine type, model, and a couple other odds and ends.  Just what I needed!