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Disable IE “Protected Mode” Prompt After Enabling the Default Mail Handler in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome you can configure the browser to act as the default mail handler in Windows by following these instructions.

If you use Google Chrome exclusively, then that’s the end of things.  If you still use Internet Explorer, however, then you’ll get a warning thrown in your face when you click on a mailto: link that mentions IE’s “Protected Mode” and if you want to allow the specified program to open.

This TechNet blog post details exactly what’s happening and why, and most importantly, how to work around it.  After following these steps I can now click on mailto: links in IE and have Google Chrome open a new email composition window without any prompts to deal with.  Tidy!


Adobe Shockwave 12 Silent Install

This page over at IT Ninja has the link to Adobe’s site for the full, offline installer for Shockwave 12 as well as the instructions for building a transforms file to install it silently, all in one place.  A big time saver for me today after getting the run-around on Adobe’s site.


Malware Rootkit causes STOP Error 0x0000007b

I’m currently working on someone’s Dell Inspiron One all-in-one computer, and the problem that was described to me was that after getting to the Windows desktop, the computer would show a blue-screen error and reboot. After booting into Safe Mode (which didn’t exhibit this behavior) I was able to copy off all their important files, and when that was over I used Dell’s built-in system recovery tools to restore the system to it’s “out of the box” condition.

Usually a complete system nuke is enough to straighten out a misbehaving system, but not in this case. Continue reading